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Hi mateπŸ‘‹, it's Andersson Quintero

Let's build greats digital projects by supporting you to do something great and authentic 😎. Let's have a coffee and have some fun using software engineering β˜•οΈ


About Me

I'm 28-year-old Venezuelan man with more than 6 years as an software engineer and full-stack web developer, I have a proven track record of delivering high-quality applications that meet the needs of businesses and users alike.

My experience includes working with key tools and languages such as Javascript, HTML, CSS, Typescript, Vue, Angular, React, React Native, Ionic, Python and others. I am passionate about using agile methodologies such as Scrum to develop efficient and high-quality solutions.

One of my greatest professional achievements was graduating as an engineer, and I am currently interested in increasing my knowledge and growing professionally. I completed a bachelor's degree in computer science at UCLA, Venezuela and I am always looking for opportunities to improve my technical skills and knowledge

In my free time, I enjoy learning with online courses always trying to keep strong foundation in programming principles, and I strive to write clean, efficient code that is easy to maintain and extend. I really like keeping fit by lifting weights and playing racket games such as paddle tennis. If you're looking for a highly skilled and motivated software engineer to join your team, I'm confident I can be a great addition!

Expert digital solutions for all your technical needs. Let me assist you.


I prioritize user experience (UX) and interface design (UI) to ensure the products and services I develop are easy to use and visually appealing. I have experience with multiple UX/UI tools and technologies like Figma and Adobe XD, to design and implement modern and functional interfaces that provide an exceptional user experience.

Web & Mobile

I have extensive experience in developing high-quality applications, from front-end to back-end development, database integration and micro-services and fronts arquitectures. I have worked in multiple technologies, enabling me to work on highly scalable and customizable solutions. Additionally, I prioritize efficiency, security, and meeting client requirements and expectations in all my development work.

Design & Creative

I bring a strong creative skill set to my work. I ensure that design and user experience are at the forefront of everything I build and that the products and services I develop are visually appealing and aligned with my clients' branding and business objectives. With experience in both internal and external design projects, I can adapt easily to different environments and needs.

Interpersonal & communication skills

As a Tech Lead, I not only excel in hands-on coding and problem-solving but also thrive in the art of effective communication, collaboration, and strategic planning. I leverage my technical knowledge to provide guidance, make informed decisions, and ensure the delivery of high-quality software solutions.

Terminal - Ander's Tech Skills
    $ echo "Hello mate ✌️ , check up my tech skills, if u want to know more about then let's have a meeting!"
    Hello mate ✌️ , check up my tech skills, if u want to know more about then let's have a meeting!
    $ npm programming-skills -show -importants
      [||||||||||||||.]    (90%): JavaScript/TypeScript
      [|||||||||||||..]    (88%): Vue
      [|||||||||||||..]    (88%): NestJs/NodeJs
      [|||||||||||....]    (70%): React
      [|||||||||||....]    (70%): Angular
      [|||||||||||....]    (75%): React Native
      [||||||||.......]    (50%): Ionic
      [|||||||||||....]    (75%): Jest/Cypress
      [|||||||||||||..]    (85%): Single-spa Framework
    $ npm software-design-skills -show -importants
      [||||||||||||...]    (80%): Microfronteds design
      [|||||||||||||..]    (88%): Microservices design
      [|||||||||||....]    (75%): Architectural design
      [|||||||||||||..]    (88%): Object-oriented design
      [|||||||||||||..]    (88%): Design patterns
    $ npm team-work-skills -show -importants
      [|||||||||||....]    (70%): Shared leadership
      [||||||||||||...]    (80%): Problem-solving
      [|||||||||||||..]    (88%): Effective Communication
      [|||||||||||||..]    (89%): Flexibility and adaptibility
    $ npm ux-ui-skills -show -importants
      [|||||||||......]    (60%): Adobe XD
      [|||||||||......]    (58%): Figma
      [||||||||||.....]    (68%): Photoshop


In this section, I will showcase some of the projects I have worked on before, along with the corresponding images. Additionally, I will provide details about the technologies employed in each project. Please feel free to explore and, if you want to know more about any of them, let's have a meeting!

#Vue2/3 #Vuex #NestJs #TypeScript #MicroFronteds #Microservices #RabbitMQ
#TypeScript #React Native #StyledComponents #Vue #Vuex #ReactNatigation #Redux
#JavaScript #Vue #Vuex #Ruby On Rails
#JavaScript #Python #Vue #Vuex #Flask
#JavaScript #Ruby On Rails #Vue #Vuex
#JavaScript #Ruby On Rails #HTML #CSS
#JavaScript #ReactNative #ReactNatigation

Let's get in touch

Feel free to send me a personal email. I will read it as soon as possible and provide you with quick feedback. You can also find alternative ways to contact me.



Somewhere in Buenos Aires, Argentina πŸ‡¦πŸ‡·